Serious about your job search? Don’t take December off! PART 2

job search cloudYesterday’s post listed 10 reasons why serious job seekers need to stay active in December. Here’s the rest of that list:

11. Are you travelling back home for the holidays and realizing that you miss living near your family and friends? This can be a great time to check out new employment prospects that let you move back home.

12. Attention college graduates! Most employers don’t do a lot of college recruiting because they still assume most graduates are available in May or June. As a December graduate, you’ll face less competition for entry-level jobs if you start an active job search now.

13. Everyone thinks about money during the holidays. Do you know what you’re worth? Look at hiring and salary trends in your field and make sure that you’re on target; over- or under-selling yourself can keep you from being taken seriously as a candidate.

14. Employers may be organizing toy drives, wrapping gifts for local charities, and other charitable activities this month. Get yourself noticed by your future colleagues by volunteering as well.

15. The likely solving of the fiscal cliff problem likely means a kick start to the economy – and a corresponding uptick in hiring. Get a jump start NOW rather than waiting for all the other job seekers to reactivate their searches.

16. December is “prime time” for retail and customer service staff. Keep track of your accomplishments during this busy season and make sure your resume is up-to-date so you have concrete details and great recommendations from your current employer.

17. Not everyone celebrates the holiday. Don’t assume that all companies are closed and all recruiters are taking time off.

18. New year, new budget: that employer you’ve been waiting to hear from may be ready to move ahead with hiring now that the new budget year has started. Get in touch with your target prospects and remind them of your interest.

19. With regular staff on vacation, the phones may be answered by different or temporary staff that may be more likely to let a phone call through to a hiring manager or recruiter. Polish your phone manners and start dialing.

20. Even if you decide not to ramp up your job search during December, this is a great time of year to reflect on your goals and opportunities. Take the time to sharpen your professional image and plan for a great 2013!

It’s easy to assume that you should take a break over the holidays. Take advantage of the change in pace to move ahead in your job search and get ready for career success in 2013!


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