Three Simple Reasons for Remaining Unemployed

goalsby Gerard Balstruitis, Training and Workshop Coordinator


People do not have difficulty finding jobs because they have bad resumes, they provide poor responses to interview questions, or that there are no jobs.

One of the greatest reasons people have difficulty finding jobs are because they do not know who they are, or what they want!  The first step to the job search process is to KNOW YOURSELF. Finding employment is a sales job, and the less you know about your product/service, the more difficult it is to sell!


Another reason that many people have a hard time finding a job is that they don’t want a job!  It is human nature to spend a good portion of life pursuing pleasure.  Most people do not want misery, and the old school definition of work, is doing something that you don’t enjoy, for the sake of an income.  85% of people polled state  they would leave work, given the opportunity. It is 10 times more difficult to make yourself do something you do not want to do.

Those that are thriving in careers are usually those that are pursuing their PLEASURE (passion + proficiency).  When told to plan a vacation, find a new car, or attend a birthday party, most people will jump at the opportunity, and conquer the task rapidly, and with vigor.  Finding “WORK” is work, because it has been defined as an unpleasant experience.

What if we understood work for what it is, an opportunity to combine our passions and proficiency for the common good of all involved AND with the association of financial compensation.  What a truly novel concept, creating value by doing what you love and are good at.


Conformity – The ideal for the industrial age, and the death knell for the new economy.  Industrial society wanted us to believe that pursuing your passion was for starving artists and dreamers.  After all, if everybody pursued their passion like Ford, Edison, and Firestone, who would be left to man the assembly lines.

Fortunately, several individuals proved this theory wrong.  From Oprah Winfrey to Barack Obama to Bill Gates to Bill Jobs to Warren Buffet to Madonna to Lady Gaga to Tom Brady to the countless thousands of others that merged their passions and proficiency for career success.


For more on this and other career-related topics, feel free to check out our calendar and sign-up for workshops!


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