The Pareto Principle Times Three

By Gerard Baltrusaitis – Training & Workshop Coordinator

Hidden Job Market  – 20 % of all jobs available are posted through popular media (classified ads, Monster, Careerbuilder, Craigslist, etc…).  80% of unemployed pursue reemployment by searching these sources.  Day in and day out people click and pray. This usually results in spam at best, and no response and frustration at worst.

80% of available positions are found or obtained in the Hidden Job Market.  Individuals pursuing employment through the Hidden Job Market are more successful, more often than the applicants utilizing popular media.  The Hidden Job Market is more fruitful because it is the road less traveled.  Fewer job searchers are willing to do what is necessary to be successful in the Hidden Job Market – Network.

Resumes – Optimally, the resume constitutes 20% of the formula necessary for successful reemployment.  Most job searchers apply 80% of their effort developing the perfect resume.  The resume is useful in obtaining an interview, not a job.  Many positions are obtained without a resume at all.

Do yourself a favor.  Have a suitable resume that you tweak for every position that you apply.  Or better yet, have 10 page resume that contains as many skills, talents, abilities, experiences, certificates, etc… that you can think of.  Whenever you need to customize a resume for a position cut and paste together a 1-2 page version for submission.  If you find you do not have suitable talents, experiences, etc… for the specific application, chances are you shouldn’t submit a resume – it’s not a good fit, and you shouldn’t be applying in the first place.

Hot/Trending Jobs/Careers – Positions in the medical field, IT, sales, and several other careers are posted on lists.  More often than not though, individuals pursue these without evaluating their own talents.

Many people pursue careers as they do fashion.  If it is trending, popular, and well acknowledged by the public, it must be worthwhile and worth my time/money.  Unfortunately, like fashion, this often results in a serious faux pas.  One size does not fit all.  What works for one person doesn’t work for another.  And, as unique human beings, we should act as one, and not follow the pied piper over the cliff.

Honor yourself.  Pursue your passion and proficiencies.  Be the best you can be, by being the best you!


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