New Ways of New Work: The Good and Bad


Written by Gerard Baltrusaitis, Training and Workshop Coordinator

The “New Economy” is a new tag that comes along with new rules and requirements. Not just a moniker that is thrown around business articles and the Wall Street Journal, the New Economy is a dramatic change not only in work, but the way we think and do things.

Below is a list of the old vs. the new (and in many instances the good vs. the bad), as well as a brief explanation of the inference.

Empowered vs. Imprisoned
Industrial age careers often carried connotations of having a life or 30 year sentence (30 years and out). Today you are empowered to create the career of your dreams (talents, skills, and abilities) and transition as quickly or slowly as you like.

Pleasure vs. Pain
If not pure physical duress (repetitive stress, wear and tear of physical labor on assembly lines, etc…), then Industrial Age work can be commonly associated with the mental and emotional anguish of monotony and criticism. New Economy opportunities avail workers to flexibility, freedom, and physical demands based on the individuals liking.

In Control vs. Being Controlled
One of the most stifling and stressful situations in life is the feeling of being out of control. Although a good deal of the frustration can be self-imposed, by “believing” that your employer controls what you do, when you do it, and how you do it, New Economy rules (“Free” Agency, Temp work, etc…) begins to return a certain amount of control back to the worker.

Calling/Legacy vs. Zombie Walk
Workers going through rituals and routines daily, for years, without passion, personal engagement, or enthusiasm, can remind one of a futile, frustrating “zombie walk”. The opposite of this problem, is the opportunity that new workers have by pursuing their “calling” or “legacy” in life. Aligning with one’s purpose not only brings joy and enthusiasm to work, but also an overall sense of well-being.

Unlimited vs. Limited
More specifically we are addressing the presence, or lack of presence , of several key criteria found in a quality work life. By working for an employer, you can limit your hours worked (when you want to), your salary, your depth of influence in the workplace, as well as the actual flexibility of the job.

Vision/Direction vs. Confusion
Quite often Corporate America has a vision that is not necessarily agreed upon, let alone seen by its workforce. Many workers complain of being confused about what they have accomplished and for what reason. Being in control of your destiny avails workers to being reliant on their own vision and career direction.


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