Calling All Parents: Talk Jobs with your Kids!


  1. Tell your kids what you do for a living.

Your children are interested in learning about you, especially when they are young and starting to fantasize about their own future.  They look up to you and will ask questions about your work and will start to learn good work habits based on your responses.  Your experiences may also encourage them or deter them from making some of the same decisions that you made.

    2. Share your career journey.

If you love your job, tell them why!  If you hate your job, tell them why!  Most parents want their children to have a successful career of their own.  It’s much more difficult for them to figure this out if they don’t have any examples of successes and/or failures to guide them.  As they get to know more about your work life, they will be able to pull from those experiences as they start to make career decisions of their own.

3. Talk about your salary.

This might be a controversial one, but, I think it is important to be transparent about your family finances.  I have been involved in several role-playing activities where kids are completely unaware about what it takes to support a family.  If you’re open about your finances, rather then telling them it’s none of their business, they may develop a better understanding of what is needed to survive.  Bonus: they might respect you more for all of the sacrifices that you make!

So please, tell your kids what you do for a living. Heck, take them with you to work once in a while.  I have worked with far too many young people who have NO IDEA what their parents do for a living and that makes me sad.  Some of my fondest memories as a child are of going with my mom and dad to work, and those experiences helped to carve the career path that I am on today.  It might seem exhausting to take your kids with you to work or to tell them all about your day, but it will be worth it…..for their sake and for the sake of the future of our workforce.


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