Extra Certifications: Why didn’t I do this when I was employed?

I thought I would write a brief blog post about the importance of obtaining specialized certifications or continuing training WHILE you are working.

One of the interesting things about working in Workforce Development as a Case Manager/Career Planner is working with customers that come in after they have been laid off and want us to pay for additional certifications that they believe they need to be more marketable.  While this is a logical step, I always wonder why they didn’t think about that when they were working.Dave

I completely understand that we have a lot of obligations while we are working.  More than likely our work could take up a large amount of time.  Some people can work anywhere from 40 to 60 hours per week.  Add in family responsibilities, unexpected emergencies or just not having the money to pursue something that could make us more marketable not just in our current job but in case of the situation where we become unemployed.

I talked with my sister not long ago and her husband will be laid off at the end of the year.  He has been doing Information Technology (IT) work for a long time.  He finally accomplished getting his Bachelors in IT; however, he has mostly been doing some project management activities more than straight IT.  I advised my sister now would be the perfect time for him to get his IT Project Management certification.  He will have a much better time in landing a position in a very short time.  These certifications really don’t cost a large amount of money.

What really drove me to write this is the fact that under our Workforce Investment Act program, we don’t have much training money at all due to recent actions at the federal level.  Coming into a career center expecting to get funding when you have a degree and adequate work experience will present a very difficult challenge.

Believe me when I tell you, I’m not fond of giving people bad news.  I prefer not to have food or worse thrown at me when I am out and about.


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