Meet the Bloggers

Heather Coleman Voss is the Business Services Coordinator. As a career and social media coaHeather Headshotch, Heather helps people harness the power of social media to develop their personal and business brands. She is a respected speaker, having delivered talks at TechTown, Automation Alley, Walsh College, the Southeastern Michigan Career Development Facilitators Association, Oakland School District, Kelly Services, Corporate, the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and more on how businesses and individuals can use social media to better serve and interact with customers and communities.

Heather is also a published author for The LeadChange Group ( The book, “Instigating A Leadership Revolution – One Person At A Time” can be found at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. A  return radio guest on 96.3 WDVD in Detroit, Heather discusses topics centered around achieving career and business success.

David Straka is a national leader in Workforce Development.  He has spent 20 years in 3 states from employment counseling to One Stop management.  David is a Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) through the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP), a nationwide organization committed to the promotion of the Workforce Development Profession.

Headshot DavidDavid enjoys working with a wide range of customers to give them the tools to ensure the final outcome of success.  He has presented workshops from the local to the national level during his career.  Writing articles for the workforce system locally and nationally gives him a way to express a unique view of subjects that are important not only to customers in the system but to his peers as well.

His experience of workforce programs includes WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Adult workers, Dislocated workers, Welfare to Work, Employment Service Labor Exchange, Trade Adjustment Assistance and Labor Market Information.

David spent 8 years in the Air Force in Aircraft Maintenance Management and Acquisition Logistics Support reaching the rank of Captain.  David has Commercial Instrument, Single and Multi Engine Land pilot ratings.  He was also on the NAWDP board of directors for 6 years.

my pictureEvery successful organization needs a non-conformist, and the Ferndale Career Center has Gerard Baltrusaitis.  Acting as one of the Ferndale Career Center’s Career and Leadership experts, Gerard facilitates and teaches the New Ways of New Work. 

By sharing the most current insights of the career industries rebels, radicals, and rule-breakers, Gerard prides himself in helping you stay abreast of current and successful career strategies.  By exploiting the fallacies of the industrial age, and shedding light on the truths of the new economy, Gerard will keep you educated, engaged, and employable.




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